Monday, June 14, 2010

A random animal story thrown in for the heck of it...

One fine morning, deep in the jungle, a loud noise erupted outside my bedroom window, awaking me from sound sleep. Several of my friends were hooping and hollering and going on louder than my friend Tommy in the morning (not an easy feat). I dragged myself out of bed to investigate and discovered the reason for their intense excitement. A very tasty meal had all but fallen into their laps. My friends were all gathered around a tree looking up at a python writhing and squirming because it had chosen an indigestible meal. Apparently the python had snuck up on a bird with a very large beak and tried to snag it as a little snack. The problem was the bird didn't go down without a fight. While it was being swallowed whole it used its beak and poked a hole through the side of the python in a very resourceful, albeit futile, escape attempt. My friends thought this was amazing luck because now they got to eat a python and a bird and they didn't have to spend even five minutes hunting either one (remember this is a jungle, we eat these kind of things regularly). All in all a very exciting experience and just the beginning of another crazy day in the jungle.

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  1. phew, I've heard this one! Good one though, I'm glad you shared it on here!


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