Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mostly forgotten

Behind closed doors no one sees
closets, cellars, attics and old sheds
old memories, some cherished, some haunting, left behind...
mostly forgotten

What will I find in my cellar
fears, hopes, lost love, regrets, deep hurts
locked away in silence behind doors rarely opened...
mostly forgotten

Its dark there, messy and cluttered
no ones goes there, i won't let them
what will they see, they might find the me that I want...
mostly forgotten

Outside closed doors, you'll find things neat, tidy
everything fits in its place, just where I want it
no questions, nothing questionable, I am...
mostly forgotten

The hidden things are ugly, unwanted, who would want them
if I can't love them, who can
will they stay forever...
mostly forgotten

I feel a need to open the door
to bare the cellar of my soul
I don't want to be forever...
mostly forgotten

Maybe if the hidden things are brought out
fears can be assuaged, hopes renewed
lost love found, regrets put to rest, hurts comforted, and I won't be...
mostly forgotten

Only one truly knows all that lays behind closed doors
He sees all that I fear to expose
He tells me that I am not...
mostly forgotten

but remembered forever

Don't worry I'm not turning this into a blog about my poetry, I just happen to feel a bit poetic these last couple weeks. I'm not used to sharing poetry, it makes me feel a little dramatic and mostly insecure, but I hope you enjoy it. There may be more in the future, depending on my mood. I don't feel poetic very often, but it does happen on occasion. So we'll just see what happens...

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  1. Awesome. I am glad you shared this, even if writing it and putting it out there you felt insecure. By putting things in the light, shame is lifted.


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