Monday, July 19, 2010


Have I ever told you about our cat Tuxedo? No...okay, well you're in for a treat. Tuxedo was by far the best and the craziest cat we ever had. We got Tuxedo when I was about ten years old and obviously he looked just like he had a tux on, because he had a nice patch of white fur on his chest. He was so cuddly and cute when he was little, but he got a little more aggressive as he got older.

              (Yes, I realized that all the animal pics I have are with my sister)

Tuxedo's favorite place to hangout was at the end of our couch. The couch was next to our main walk way and his favorite thing to do was jump out from behind the couch and surprise us as we walked by. The surprise was that he would fly at you with all fours paws out-stretched and wrap himself around your leg with claws extended. He then became a permanent fixture on your leg as you continued to walk. Or if you attempted to remove him with a hand, your hand would be pulled into his trap as well. Our legs were constantly decorated by nice long scratches.

As he got older he developed a few other bad habits as well. He loved attacking our neighbors six year old boy. He also liked to mark his territory and for some reason he thought the clean sheets hanging on our neighbors clothesline were his, you get the idea. Some of his habits were quite amusing and more or less harmless, unless you happened to be a bat or mouse. He loved to sit on our second story porch and wait for the bats as they flew around our house at night. When he saw one flying close enough he would leap off the porch and snatch the bat out of the air. The bat would practical be eaten by the time he hit the ground. The only parts he didn't eat were the wings, which he so graciously gave to my sis as a little prize. One night my sis was having a sleepover and a couple of the girls were sleeping on a mattress on the floor in her room. Tuxedo caught a nice juicy mouse, ate half of it and left the other half at the feet of my sisters friend. The girl woke with a start and screamed as loud as an air raid siren, waking everyone up. You would of thought she had seen a ghost. It was just a harmless mouse...

We loved tuxedo a lot but he was a wild cat. He broke the last straw when he killed our neighbor girl's pet chicken. I still don't understand what the big deal is. She should of never let her chicken out where it was vulnerable. Irregardless (a made up word that is redundant and rather pointless, but still fun to use, and if you have a problem with that [Kass], google it!), we decided that we had to get rid of Tuxedo before our neighbors decided to stop speaking to us.

Since Tuxedo was such a good hunter we figured he would be fine if we just left him in the jungle. My dad and my sister took him away on the motorbike and left him far enough that he wouldn't find his way home. I'm fairly certain that he probably still rules that part of the jungle to this day. Or maybe he died that very day of a broken, I doubt it. I think maybe he didn't have one.

So, not really a happy ending, but not a bizarre random death either, so maybe this is one mark against the existence of the curse. Though it kind of depends on how you feel about abandoning cats in the decide.

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