Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Missing Pangis

If you were around when I was four (these stories aren't exactly chronological) you might of seen me hopping along next to a couple pangis. We often liked to race each other, it was quite fun. Again I don't remember their names so I'm going to call them Pangi One and Pangi Two.

Now you're going to ask, "what's a pangi?" and I'm going to say, "I really don't know how to describe a pangi." I guess I could start with the English name, which is a wallaby (pangi is a Pigeon English word). Problem is most people have never heard of a wallaby either. Maybe the best way to describe a wallaby is to call it a mini kangaroo. Now if you don't know what a kangaroo is, I can't help you.

So we had our wallabies for several months and they had become a
part of the family. Our wallabies loved to followed us everywhere we went and we spent a great deal of time with them. We were all very sad when Pangi One and Pangi Two both disappeared. We looked everywhere for them but they were nowhere to be found. We figured maybe they ran away, but we thought this was odd because they had never tried to run before.

So my dad had an office a few hundred yards behind the house. Since my dad spend most of the day back there he decided to dig an outhouse next to his office. The pit was dug but the building over it wasn't finished so there was just a big hole about twelve feet deep and five foot square. It wasn't till a week after the pangis went missing that we went to finish the outhouse and found the pangis dead at the bottom of the hole. We were all very sad, but glad to finally know what had happened to them.

At the time we thought this was just a terrible tragedy, but now as I look back I can't help but wonder if something more was going on...


  1. You do realize that with each blog post you are lowering and lowering your credentials to ever petsit, housesit, or babysit.... haha

  2. i love these stories! they are so sad, but funny. your poor pets always had the most bizarre deaths. and kanani is right, it would be almost irresponsible to put any sort of living creature in your care. :) hopefully someday the curse will be lifted

  3. I think I am a little bit traumatized. Oh my gosh.

    Having said that, I do enjoy your writing! haha :]


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