Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dancing Guinea Pig

When I was very young we also owned two guinea pigs, Brownie and Fluffy (or something like that, I actually have no idea what they were named, I was too young to remember). Anyways "Brownie" and "Fluffy" lived in a cage that we moved around the yard in-order to keep the grass short, or maybe just for fun, or, I guess I don't really know why we had guinea pigs. Whatever the reason we had them, my sister Ashley and I thought they were there for our amusement. I think I was about five years old and Ashley would have been three when one day we had the "Brownie and "Fluffy" out of their cage and we were playing with them. Ashley loved to hug the guinea pigs, but one day she discovered something new to do with "Fluffy". She began swinging "Fluffy" around by its (I don't remember their genders) little arms and throwing it in the air. To this day no one knows what really happened, was my sister angry at "Fluffy," or I suppose it could have been an accident. Bottom line "Fluffy" wasn't moving by the time she was finished with it. Ashley came to my mom with the lifeless body of "Fluffy" and innocently asked,"whats wrong with "Fluffy"? It stopped moving while I was playing with it." When we get to heaven maybe we'll find out what really happened to "Fluffy", but until then we'll just have to wonder. Was it the curse of the Baker family pets that killed "Fluffy" or does my sister have a hidden rage that comes out when she sees innocent guinea pigs? No one knows...


  1. Oh dear -- terrifying and amusing all at the same time...poor Fluffy!

  2. wow. this makes me sound like a serial killer. i thought i could swing it around by his arms and he would like sorry fluffy :(


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