Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day One: My Trip to Michigan

0500- Saturday morning- it's not fun to getting up this early, but I'm ready to go. I'm taking a trip with my dad back to his home town to visit his family.

Strange feelings...I feel ready, I feel scared and confident all at the same time. God is with me, I know that beyond doubt. That is my comfort and my strength.

Its raining hard...I love rain!

Now I'm drenched from running the 50 feet to the car, but its worth it...I LOVE the rain.

0645- We just left the ground. We are en-route to the Windy City. Still excited...wondering what God has in store.

I love flying. I'm not sure why, it's always uncomfortable and it has always meant change for me in the past. I've never liked change, but for some reason I love flying.

0650- Reading Three Cups of Tea. Awesome book about a rock climber who starts hundreds of schools in Pakistan. Thank you Lara for recommending it. And all the rest of you should read it too!

0717- Watching the show Better off Ted on my laptop becuase its the only show I have on my hard drive. There's WiFi available on this flight but it will cost me $13 dollars to use-not worth it.

0950- No wait, 1150- I hate losing time. Just arrived safe in Chicago. Three and a half hours flew by (lol). I know...lame, but you laughed! Have I told you I love traveling...and airports...and flying.

1158- Taking the 'L' to Monroe Street in downtown Chicago so we can wait around for our train to Holland. The 'L' is much older than the light rail in Phoenix. Feels like it might start to fall apart at any minute. This is Obama's home town so he would never let that happen, right? I guess Obama was in Chicago yesterday. Too bad I missed him, I'm very bummed (lol).

1215- Its so green here-it's awesome. I love green. I love jungle most of all, but a nice green wood will do. The thicker the better of course.
Coming up from the 'L'

1309- I haven't been surrounded by so many tall buildings in a long time. It is very impressive what man can do when he puts his mind to it.

1405- We decided to check out the view from the Sears Tower (I guess its called the Willis Tower now). Standing in line...hope it doesn't take too long.

1456- Still standing in line...

1517- Still stuck in line and will be for a lot longer it looks like. Hope we get to the top before our train leaves at 5:30 pm.

1545- Finally at the top, not sure if its worth the wait, but I'm here. The sky walk is interesting, but 103 stories isn't as high as I thought it would be. I don't feel very high. I guess I was hoping to feel a little adrenaline rush or something.

1710- Just boarded the train, three hours and one minute to Holland. Someone is a little too concerned about determining the exact length of the trip. I would have been fine with rounding it to a solid three hours.

I arrived safely in Holland, Michigan last night. The weather was perfect. Clear sky, gentle breeze, and temperatures in the mid 70's (just thought I would rub that in a bit). So far so good. God has been working already and will continue I'm sure. I'm looking forward to the rest of the adventure that God has for me here. I will write more soon.

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  1. I really enjoyed the randomness of this post. Isn't anywhere but Arizona great??! I love trees and cool air!


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